Rub and Yawn

Tip #5: Choose the best Rub & Yawn tool for the job.

Posted on: March 10, 2010

A quick spur-of-the-moment Yawn Machine spot while stuck in traffic or waiting in the supermarket line? Telling a friend to try out a Yawnguy YouTube video? Getting some conventional (more or less!) mainstream counselling with RoboCounsellor? These applications, like the Yawn and Grow Rich Course, PaulsRobot and others, are all useful in different circumstances.

PaulsRobot currently has 18 different modules available, again all useful in different situations. The modules include Core, Troubleshooting, HeavyDuty, Morph, Basic R3X, NotTooShabbyPower, Dipoles, LovedOne, False Data Stripping, even Objectives like CCHs 1-10, Op Pro of 8-C, S-C-S on a Body, and Op Pro By Dup. Each of these modules may have 100 or more different screens, most with audio.

There is a huge toolbox available for your use. Choose the best Rub & Yawn tool for the job.


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photo of PatriciaI had a look at your web site and as I touched things and yawned the problem became more distant. Because I could disassociate then I could solve the problem fairly easily. — Patricia Irvine

photo of JanetI have been yawning all day. What a great way to start a day! I can't wait to tell others about you. — Janet Bronte

photo of LeeI had a chance to look at your website and tried out the yawn machine - I'm very impressed! If nothing else, it has got me thinking about the times and circumstances every time I yawn - which helps me understand a bit more about myself! Very effective! — Lee Lam 21/10/07

photo of SaravjitI visited and tried out your technique. It is brilliant and it works! It is fascinating to be connected to a soul who is contributing so much to all of us and helping us relieve the residual poison of modern life - personal stress. — Saravjit Singh

photo of LinaI kept yawning the whole week - it does work! It is very interesting experience actually, as soon as I start yawning I feel much better in a couple of minutes and I keep smiling, can not explain why, just happens! — Lina Bourdon

photo of DaveYour yawning techniques are great! Far too many people are stagnant and this gets everything moving again.— Dave Sunerton-Burl

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